Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I went on holiday and encountered writer's block

The big question is ... where am I?

I am in a country seemingly carpeted with 7/11's. I am told that in the capital, the local 7/11 tycoon decreed that he wanted a store at every bus stop in the metropolis. On my own holiday isle, there are now 4 locations on the same half mile stretch of road near my home.

To give another clue, here's the real reason I go to this 7/11 most nights, usually around 1 a.m.

Set up in front by a young husband and wife is this mobile noodle stall. I just love going to bed with my stomach full of a bowl of pork ball noodles! Still costing under 1 U.S. dollar for a romantic meal in front of 7/11.
Did I say romance? Here's the biggest clue ... a snapshot of my dining companion

Now please post a guess in the comments section so that I can feel motivated to make additional posts from this tropical idyll.