Monday, May 9, 2011

A day in South Africa (a fragment from September 2007)

I will make the effort soon to give a real flavor of living in South Africa, a chronicle of everyday occurrences and people that make this a very special country.

Meanwhile, yesterday was a quite wonderful day, the first of September, an early Spring day that began chilly in the morning and by late afternoon hinted more of summer than of any other season.

Whilst my son will not miss Saturday morning cartoons of TV for anything, I love to cruise with the window down some 15 miles along the coast from Knysna to the small town of Sedgefield and do some shopping at the Wild Oats Farmers' Market held there each week.

There are real artisans of the kitchen and field selling their wares here and so many become friends from the weekly interaction.

First of all, I have a breakfast omelette at Sung Yee's easygourmetstation.


Once you live in the Cape, you realise that fine days like yesterday are to be cherished for they are almost always harbingers of inclement weather on the way; sure enough, we awoke the next morning to the steady drizzle of a Cape winter storm.

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