Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Brandi, You're A Fine Girl, and so are you Azia and Brie. And let's not forget Paris, baby!

Say something about the 60's, the girls du jour had some substance. Whether it be Leila Khaled (above right) hijacking planes, Marianne Faithfull (above left) providing nutritional snacks between recording haunting melodies or Billie Jean Moffet (above centre) getting attention for playing very well with other girls.

Even underachievers like Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice Davies (below) knew when to quit.

But 40 years later, the blogs and message boards are dominated by such pathetic, delusional creatures as

Miss Azia Kim .... The Stanford squatter

Miss Brandi Hawbaker .... the biggest story in poker since ... the joker was taken out of the deck.

Miss Brie Whitehead ... ranked in the Top 700 in Women's tennis but who habitually loses her matches 6-0, 6-0.

and last and maybe least talented, Ladies and Gentlemen, humans and alien life forms,

Miss Paris Hilton, currently living rent free in downtown Los Angeles, California.

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