Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A partial history of Bloodstains

I had not realised that a lot of the punk discussion had migrated to blogs from message boards.

For some reason when I google references to Posh Boy, blogs don't come up unless you specifically search under "blogs".

Anyway this is a long winded way of saying that I just discovered a couple of neat sites that are boosting the Posh Boy legacy by featuring recordings that I helped create.


The only time I have a problem with their hosting mp3's is when we have those same recordings up on iTunes. If we don't, then I think it is only right that these recordings be made available, even gratis.

If the guy behind this site is also behind the records that have been issued over the years, I'd appreciate a check in the mail.

For all their good intentions, I have yet to find a bootlegger willing to pay royalties.

Of course, there are legit. labels that don't pay either. The Italian label
Get Back/Abraxas stiffed us on the last 6 Posh Boy re-issues they did, never paying an advance let alone paying royalties. They also manage to pay laughably small amounts for song royalties.

People ask why I don't continue manufacturing Posh Boy product. Simply because we can't get paid by distributors whose current business model is that labels provide them with sufficient trading capital.

We had it good 30 years ago. Indie distributors like Jem Records actually financed small labels. Coupled with support from the factories, that's how it was possible to create the artefacts that collectors drool over today.

Finally, here is a link to an interesting discussion of Bloodstains

and here are my own comments :

Let me see if I can help dispel the confusion surrounding this e.p. ...

The ROTR version of "Bloodstains" and the version most commonly licensed
for compilations and films is the original 1979 version when Soto was in the

The version on the featured e.p. is a 1980 re-recording without
Soto. On the original Living In Darkness album is a 1981 re-recording again
without Soto. Mike Palm has again at least twice re-recorded for Enigma/Restless
and Cleopatra without any other of the original members.

Rikk Agnew had
no part in writing "Bloodstains".

"Bloodstains" has been covered by
numerous other groups.
There was a dispute between my company Covina High
Music and my good friend Brett Gurewitz's Epitaph over the "borrowing" in "Come
Out And Play". Somehow I think if we hadn't all known each other, there would
have been a financial settlement but the dispute became quite personal.
Ultimately no lawsuit was filed as the expert musicologist report claimed among
other things that Agent Orange had been influenced by Nirvana!

However, one of the settlements that I proposed at the time of the dispute was that the Offspring cover an Agent Orange song. And though that suggestion was rejected
out of hand by Jim Guerinot, the Offspring's manager, Bryan Holland did start
playing "Bloodstains" live as a sort of "up yours". Later when The Offspring
were offered approximately $100,000 to provide a recording for the film "Ready
To Rumble", they chose to record "Bloodstains", offering us $20K, rather than
the customary $50K but promising to include the recording when they came to do a
Greatest Hits set. I accepted the deal, feeling that this was a more than
acceptable way to bury the hatchet.

Mike Palm, I understand, is still

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Peter - KBD Records said...

Hi Robbie!
Thanks A LOT for all your great commenting on the www.kbdrecords.com site.

I don't have anything to do with the boots that have been issued over the years of these lost or unheard punk records. I'm just nuts about the music and been involved with the music for 30 years with buying records, releasing records, setting up gigs and playing in bands.

Why the name Killed By Death Records? I thought it was just a matter of time before someone registered kbdrecords.com and might not post that many interesting records. Self assured I would do a better job I registered the domain.

About the Killed By Death boots these where released by Johan Kugelberg as far as I know.

Have a nice one Robbie.