Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ravi Holy and I have something in common ...

We attended the same "prep" school in England, King's College School.

I discovered this piece of trivia owing to this being the season of school reunions and I have received invites from King's, Westminster School, Holland Park School and University College, London to attend one or other gathering.

A generation ago, school reunions were not exactly popular. I remember one year ... must have been 1991 .. when the next oldest person at a King's reunion had left 18 years before me and the next youngest had left 18 years after me. I have not been back since but that does not stop the annual newsletter reaching me which this year proved more interesting reading than usual, thanks to the Reverend Holy


and his glad tidings, as reported in the newsletter

Ravi is the curate at St Luke’s Church, Battersea.
One of the congregation
is Janice Vyvyan who left King’s in 1964.

I am so glad to report that the above message contains a typo. Ravi has informed me that it is Jamie Vyvyan who is a member of his congregation, indeed the boy I slightly knew at King's.

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