Thursday, June 14, 2007

Who is Casey Serin? Seriously ...

Just as in Russia, where the term New Russian was coined to describe a particularly virulent embodiment of nouveau riche, are we at the stage in the United States where the term New American is coined to describe a new amorality, shared by native born Americans and immigrants alike? The remarkable site

by its very name hints at a new formulation as to what constitutes an American. That its owner Mr Rob Dawg (no relation) writes about what passes for modern American architecture speaks volumes about the depth of his blog.

If I tell you the Casey Serin saga is simply about mortgage fraud, I would be perpetuating a whitewash.

Look behind the curtain and we are witnessing a complete re-evaluation of what were presumed to be American values and whether they have any relevance today in a world where New Americans are usurping control and command.

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